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 New to this League, but veteran of Pokemon

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PostSubject: New to this League, but veteran of Pokemon   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:33 am

Hey all, my name is Perfectmew! (in an unfortunate typo, my username appears as Perfetmew instead lol! )
I'm 15. I love Pokemon. Period. Anyone want to battle, I can put up a good fight and always ready to!
I do have a few requests when battling though.
1. Please no hacked Pokemon, including unnatural moves and stats for a Pokemon. As long as the Pokemon is within the legal limits, fine.
2. I will battle any Pokemon. With one exception. Darkrai. I will not battle a Darkrai that uses the obvious sleeping technique just because its so annoying.
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New to this League, but veteran of Pokemon
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