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 Basic Rules of Ranked Battling

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PostSubject: Basic Rules of Ranked Battling   Basic Rules of Ranked Battling Icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 12:42 am

Ranked battling on this site is great fun and great practice for all pokemon players. A very basic overview is that you try to have the most points by battling other players on this site. Rules are as follows.

1. You are trying to achieve the most points. Every game you will bet 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 points, and winer gets the amount of points bet, and the looser loses those points.

2. You are allowed to reject battles, but you will lose 20 points if you reject, and 10 points will be rewarded to the other player that challenged you.

3. You are allowed to come up with an excuse why you can not battle at that certain moment. If it is a good enough excuse you will be given 24 hours to make up that battle. If you are not back in time you have automatically rejected that battle.

4. Now your thinking if you do not want to battle, a person might just keep asking you to battle. A chalenger can not ask that person that rejected him to battle again untill a 24 hour period has passed. But that challenger can continue to challeng other trainers.

5. If you have 0 points, you are only allowed 5 ranked battles in 24 hours. As in you can not have any more ranked battles after 5 consecutive battles with 0 points. Also you are only allowed to battle the same trainer 5 times in a row in 24 hours. But if you battle with other trainers, you can battle with that same person as many times as you want.

6. There will be 4 pages with all of the information for this sites Ranked Battling. First page will have all of the trainers in order of amount of points. The second page will have all of the results of the matches and the points won and lost. The third page will have all of the challenges on it to help ensure that people are not cheating. And finally the fourth page will have all of the problems and trouble makers on it.

7. Ok you may only chalenge trainers that are on at that moment. In other words you can challenge people offline. After Trainer A challenges Trainer B, and Trainer B accepts the challenge, a post must be placed on the 4th page that says this. Trainer A will post: I challenge Trainer B to a ranked battle worth (the number of points beted. Then right under that post Trainer B must say he accepts the challenge. This might sound stupid, but it will help prevent cheating.

8. The same must go with rejections, and all of us ask that you are truthful with the rejection. So challenge the other person than the other person will have to post right under that he/she rejects the challenge. Penalties will occur. Results of the battle is another thing that must be needed to be told by the truth. If not penalties will start to occur. This game is not meant to be for cheating, if you wanna cheat go right ahaed, but i guarantee you will get caught. Penalties will be harsh.

9. If some one comes up with an excuse please go through the same process of posting the challenge and all. Instead the other person right under that will put an excuse why he/she can not battle. Than once that person gets back to battle, repost the challenge and than post that the person accepts the challenge. If 24 hours have passed after the excuse and the person with the excuse has not come and accepted your challenge just post that the person never came and accepted your challenge and I will give and take the right amount of points. You only have 12 hours to say that the person was not able to make it.

10. This one is always says and Have Fun!, well guess what I am not saying that.
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Basic Rules of Ranked Battling
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