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 Pokemon Review 3, Regrock

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PostSubject: Pokemon Review 3, Regrock   Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:21 pm

Regirock is a legendary pokemon that can beast as a wall. With a very high defence stat, it can take many hits, and to go alont with that it can beast with a pretty high atack stat. Regirock has a big weakness in its move set, and this should allow this pokemon to be very weak. Since there is more physical pokemon in the standard battling field, than special pokemon, regirock is more useful than its counterpart, Regice.

Cursing Rock
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Impish
EV spread: 152 Defence:202 HP:198 Atack
Type of Poke: tank

Stone Edge

Leftovers heal health witch will help Regirock survive in the battlefield. The move set has lots of contraversey, and has trouble taking out fighting, and ground type pokes, Regirock's two biggest weaknesses. Stone Edge for basic stab and its back bone of its atack. Earthquake is to eleminate steel type pokes and is very accurate when you need an acurate move. The next move creates contraversey. You can either go with another move to pound pokes is Return, which has a base of 104, Explosion can put some serious damage right before it dies.

All Around Wall
Ability:Clear Body
EV Spread:152 Defence:152 Special Defence:204 HP
Type of Poke:Wall

Toxic/Thunder Wave/Zap Cannon

Ok this is basicly just raise your defences up and just try to dish out as much damage as possible. Put up a sandstrom to raise your special defence up significantly. Next move causes some problems, you can either toxic to put some major damage on your oppenent or you can paralyze it for team support, but most likely when you paralyze you will want to switch out but switching out will hurt your next pokemon because of sandstorm. So that is why I prefer Toxic. Return will be your main atack with Regirock, and when ever a steel or rock pokemon comes out you will be able to pack an earthquake on it.

Team Support
Ability:Clear Body
EV spread:252 Defence: 252 HP: 4 Special Defence
Type of Poke:Wall/Team Support

Iron Defence
Stealth Rock

Toxic and roar is the basic idea of this move set, but you can also pack up a couple Iron Defences so much damage can not be dealt, and to even add more damge put up a stealth rock. This can cause a major problem for alot of teams, if this is used right, but it can be ruined if a special sweeper comes in like a starmie.

The will not die regi
Ability:Clear Body
EV Spread: 152 Defence:152 Special Defence:204 HP
Type of Poke: Annoyer/Wall

Drain Punch
Iron Defence/Curse

This is obviously just a really annoying pokemon that will not die. Obviously its main soure of damage will come from toxic. Drain Punch will give it health constantly with leftovers helping it out. Protect will let another leftover occur and another turn for toxic to happen. The last move you can either Curse up so your Drain Punch will do more damage. But your defence will be boosted up much faster if you choose Iron Defence.

Ability:Clear Body
EV Spread:252 Defence:100 HP:154 Atack
Type of Poke:Tank

Sleep Talk

Very basic rest up when you need health than just sleep talk. Works quite well to especially when your going agaisnt an oppenent that knows hynosis or even spore.

Super Annoyer
Ability:Clear Body
EV Spread1 (if you choose drain punch/curse):152 Defence:152 Special Defence:104 HP:100 Atack
EV Spread2 (if you choose rest/iron defence):152 Defence:252 Special Defence:104 HP

Drain Punch/Rest
Curse/Iron Defence
Type of Poke:Annoyer

Obviously get a sandstorm going, and then toxic for your main damage dealing. If my calculations are right on this, if the poke does not have any healing moves or healing items or does not switch out it will be about 5 turns and your foes poke will die. You can either Curse up and Drain Punch to get more health back and dish out more damage. Or you can Iron Defence up and then rest up to re-heal. Of cource you know toxic and sandstorm will eventually weaken your oppenent.

"If they can not kill you, you can not lose"

Regirock can be a beast if you use him correctly. I like the super annoyer set the best, since the thing will just not die, but a cursed regirock can beast as well. Choose your poison with so many options with this lefendary pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Review 3, Regrock   Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:46 pm

your really good at this stuff dynasty
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Pokemon Review 3, Regrock
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