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 New pokemon review guide

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PostSubject: New pokemon review guide   New pokemon review guide Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2008 7:23 pm

Ok well after the first 2 pokemon reviews, i have decided to change the format on how i will do this. So here is how i will do it

A quick descripiton about the pokemon, describing its strenghts, weakness's, and what makes it so special

This next line will describe how to use this pokemon, and all the different move sets available for this pokemon

name of move set
the item will go here
then the ability
nature will be placed right here
then the ev spread you want on this poke

move 1
move 2
move 3
move 4
Type of pokemon: like if it is a wall, baton passer, sweeper, etc.

A description of each move and why it is used in this way

A strategy going with this move set

Then another move set strategy may go here and this could continue

A real cool saying right here lol

Than a real good over view of this pokemon and why it makes it so good or bad.
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New pokemon review guide
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