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 Pokemon Review 1, Gliscor

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PostSubject: Pokemon Review 1, Gliscor   Pokemon Review 1, Gliscor Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2008 6:53 pm

Gliscor is a new character that can be used for many reasons, but it is mostly used as a wall or even a baton passer. Gliscor is very uniqe and can confuse your oppenents greatly since these guys are very unexpecting.

Gliscor has a pretty good deffence stat, powered by a decent atack and speed stats. What makes this so special is that electric type moves can not hit since it is ground type, but does allow ice to pack a 4x on it, and now allows water type moves to put some serious damage on it. You could use a couple move sets with Gliscor.

Baton Passer
Baton Pass
Swords Dance
Agility/Rock Polish
Taunt/Roost/Stealth Rock/Harden
Nature: Impish/Bold
EVs:252 Def;200 HP;52 Spd
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Hyper Cutter; can not lower atk

Of cource pack Swords Dance and Agility or Rock Polish (The moves do the same thing but different in putting it on Gliscor). Baton Pass is necesary so you can baton pass to your other poke. The last move has many choices with it. Either a Taunt so your oppenents can not haze you or power up them selves, Roost so you can regain more health and power up even more to make the baton pass even more stronger, Stealth Rock for team support but this choice to me is little bit more useless, or Harden to raise your defence up, this is also a choice to make the baton pass even stronger, but just that much easier to haze all of your stats off. Leftovers is for certain so you can regain health, Hyper Cutter allows this pokemon atk stat not to be lowered so you will not pass any bad stats to your next pokemon. My advise is to use your spd boosting move first so Gliscor will have first move and the baton pass can be used much more easily.

Pwning Gliscor
Swords Dance/Agility/Rock Polish/Roost
Agility/Rock Polish/Swords Dance/Roost
Arial Ace/X-Scisor/Night Slash
Nauture: Jolly/Adamant: Either if you want speed or attack
Evs:252 Spd OR 252 Atk;152 Spd OR 152 Atk; 100 Def
Item: Leftovers/Life Orb/Muscle Band
Ability: Hyper Cutter; can not lower atk

This Gliscor needs to be put in agaisnt a phsical pokemon, so it should be able to take some hits and hopefully have some time to power up. After you power up than it is time to start pwning, of cource Earthquake for stab and this move will do the most damage. The next move has some posibilities, Arial Ace is the strongest out of the 3 and it will not miss. X-Scisor can be used if you need that bug type of move in your team, but you will have lots of problem atacking flying type since it ressists both EQ and X-Scisor. Night Slash is the weakest of the 3 moves, but can pack a critical hit but since these are so random I would not choose this. The boosting up moves can cause contoversey, either pack up Agility and Swords Dance, so you will be much faster than your openents and you can hit hard and probaly start sweeping, in this set Gliscor needs to hold Leftovers. If you want to Roost so you can regain health and stay in the battlefeild longer you can also pack this, but you must take out either your spd boosting or your atk boosting. This is your choice. Hold a Life Orb to give you the atk bonus, but give up HP, or go with Musle Band to give you the power up on your phy atks but this will not be that big of a boost. Like before my advise is to use your spd boosting moves first just so you can go first.
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Pokemon Review 1, Gliscor
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