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 Hey. Whats up I'm Robin.

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Hey. Whats up I'm Robin. Left_bar_bleue0/0Hey. Whats up I'm Robin. Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

Hey. Whats up I'm Robin. Empty
PostSubject: Hey. Whats up I'm Robin.   Hey. Whats up I'm Robin. Icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 8:24 pm

Hey everyone I'm working on training my dream team on pokemon Heartgold just as my name suggests and they are really epic pokemon i have a metagross tyranitar mewtew lugia venasaur and blazikan right now I'm going to replace blazikan,lugia and venasaur with charizard, swampert and sceptile soo yeah that about it. I'll be seeing you later! and maybe even in wifi! Very Happy

If you have suggestions just tell me and I'll see if i can use them.

to get beldum:

1. get a forrtress
2. beat red
3. meet steven at Silph co. in saffron city and get a hoenn starter
4. go to pewter city museum and talk to steven
5. go back to where you got the hoenn starter
6. talk to steven and he will want to trade his beldum for a fortress

After that congratulations you will get a beldum that is holding a dawn stone.
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Hey. Whats up I'm Robin.
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